a simple webinterface for the world’s best linux logging program!

During the last few weeks I wrote a simple php-based web-interface for the mysql-database-structure for the great CQRLOG.

My YL, a good friend and me are using it, to log into our cqrlog-database. It just has some basic features as we don’t have any linux-computers at our clubstation and want to have the possibility to log in our private logs. It is enough to do some general-purpose logging with DXCC-Statistics.
At the moment I implemented the following features:

  • adding/listing QSOs with basic fields
    • including DXCC resolution based on cqrlogs tables (hamqth.com json interface)
    • including QSL-manager information from cqrlog-database
    • including IOTA resolution based on cqrlog-database
  • DX-Cluster with band filter capability (based on hamqth.com csv interface)
  • public listing of this Log with no possibility to add QSOs (for public homepage/qrz.com frame eg)
  • QSO-Search with some possible filters
  • adif export for full log and based on search-filters
  • DXCC-Stats (worked/confirmed with distinction between paper/lotw/eqsl)
  • editing of qso details in normal log view and in search view including
    • normal qso data as in logging
    • qsl sent/received
    • waz/itu zones
    • state
    • locator
    • iota
  • since I am using the bootstrap framework, design now adjusts to screen size down to tablets and even smartphones

It can not (and its not intended to do so ever) replace cqrlog as it can not

  • modify QSOs now implemented
  • set QSL stats now implemented
  • up/download to eqsl/lotw/clublog/hamqth…

Whats needed, how does it work?

  • you don’t log into a mysqldb on localhost, but on a public reachable mysql server
  • a central, public reachable www server (connected to the mysql server)
  • at the moment, security relies on htaccess restrictions on the non public parts

The code is available on github or as regular updated tar.gz over here

README.txt and CHANGELOG.txt are over here.

Feel free to use it and to make it better, its open source :) If you like it (or don’t like it), please write me an email!

73 Bernhard „Bernd“ DL8BH

If you want to support me converting coffee into programcode, consider a small donation:

And here are some screenshots:

cqrweblog - dxcc count

























5 Gedanken zu „cqrweblog

  1. DL4UNY


    thanks for making remote-logging so easy for me ;)
    it’s incredible how good it works.

    73 and keep it up
    Andre, DL4UNY

  2. Saku

    Hi !
    Great job!
    I was planning to make something similar, but this saved my time. I just installed it to my server and it was easy, „drop and go“. Changed just 2 things: index.php -> german „wähle ein log“ to „select log“ and sidebar.php „href=/>IndexIndex<" as it was returning to my server root, not to subdirectory "cqrweblog" where this php is.
    Just need to test this in "real life" to see if layout is usable with 7" tablet. I hope logging does not need anything else than band and call. I.E. time, date etc. are fetch from server if not filled.
    But as said, just installed it. No user tests yet.
    I have also done extensions for cqrlog: new Propagation form, wsjt-x remote, wsjt-x CQ-monitor and worked locator grids map. Work is not finished, still lot to do and test. And it is taking all my spare time at the moment. So I'm very pleased to find your php !
    73 Saku

    1. bernhard Beitragsautor

      Hi Saku,

      thanks for the warm words, I appreciate all feedback!
      I fixed this litte translation flaw, thanks for pointing me onto this :)
      My consideration was to make as much of the fields optional, but to allow a proper override.
      So you can just select band, insert call and you are done, everything beside this is optional.
      Please have a look at the README.txt, there are some hidden features about what you can do with the comments-field e.g.!
      When you are done with testing, please tell me what you like/ don’t like!

      73 Bernd DL8BH

  3. David

    Hallo DL8BH

    hab Dich gerade eben auf 7.197 MHz gehört, schade dass Du keine QSO-Partner getroffen hast eben
    Es ist 10:53 Uhr (20.01.2018). Ist gerade nicht viel los auf deutsch im 40m Band wie es scheint.
    Ich bin nur SWL. Aber immerhin, hier eine Bestätigung, Du wurdest in Ostösterreich (40km südlich von Wien gehört mit S9+30 R5), superklarer Modulation.

    73 de David

    1. bernhard Beitragsautor

      Moin David,

      entweder Du hast Dich beim Call verhört, oder da ist ein Pirat mit meinem Call zu Gange gewesen.
      Ein paar ähnliche Calls gibt es aber in DL.
      Tut mir leid, gerne hätte ich Dir eine QSL Karte für den SWL Report geschickt.


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